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Holmestice, Part 2

Well, after much deliberation and much self-reflection (and a fair few amount of tears), I have decided not to do Holmestice this round.

I'm hoping everything comes back to some kind of workable normality after the baby is born, because to be quite honest, this fucking sucks. I actually managed to get some kind of writing done two weeks ago, when I was bound and determined to do something about this, but it fizzled and died pretty quickly and there's no telling how shitty the quality was.

I spoke to my doctor, who assured me that it was just hormones and that as soon as I'm healed from delivery, I should get my normal sex drive back, which I believe is my actual problem. I'm also just feeling generally apathetic towards pretty much everything these days, which is also apparently due to pregnancy hormones, so once that's all done with, I should be back to my regularly scheduled smut/angst fest. If I can do more than blearily look up from the baby monitor for more than a few minutes, that is. I don't do very well without sleep, you see, so I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it, but still.

Fingers crossed that this is (like seemingly everything else these days) just a fluke due to baby-related weirdness and that I haven't lost my muse entirely. Good luck to everyone else doing the festival this round! I'm sure I'll enjoy reading them, even if I'm not participating.
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