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To sign up or not to sign up; that is the question.

Realistically, I haven't written anything (and I mean anything) since the last Holmestice round. I'm honestly assuming it has to do with the person in my abdomen because I also haven't been the slightest bit interested in sex since she was concieved, and for some reason it seems like writing without the drive of smut just doesn't work for me. Surprise, surprise.

So. Do I sign up? I think that if I have a really good prompt, it might jump start my muse again and get me over the hump of this writer's block I seem to be struggling with. That being said, the last round I did was a bit of a difficult hurtle for me since the prompt I was given had no real direction and it ended up just kind of happening by sheer luck.

I've never pulled from a festival before and I have no desire to begin now. I always send my stories in at least a week early. I always feel like I do my best work when I write for this festival. I just have no idea what to expect here.

Advice anyone?

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