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Oh em gee, you guys! I actually made it to C2E2 this year (Chicago ComiCon) and had so much fun!! I totally  met Cara McGee and we chatted twice, which was amazing. I tried really hard not to come off as a total creepy stalker, and Hunter says I did just fine, but still. I was totally fangirling over a 22 year old kid from Atlanta, you guys. I'm a creeper :D I bought some art from her and she signed it for me! We had a nice little chat about tea and fandom and the infamous Sherlocked Con that they still haven't announced dates for. It was magical, you guys. MAGICAL.


We also got to meet Hodor!! Hunter was freaking out about that one. Hodor is his favorite GoT character, so that was exciting. Dude's super cool too, which was totally amazing. We happened to catch him right after he had an interview, so there was no line, and we got to chat with him for 15 minutes or so completely uninterrupted, which is pretty much unheard of.

I got a bunch of pictures with the TARDIS and a couple with a dalek, which was awesome! I ran into AE for a while, which was also really cool. My legs and feet hurt from walking around McCormack Place in chucks all day long, but it was totally worth it. I am SO happy! That, and we now have a signed print of Will Graham on our kitchen wall, which is beyond ridiculous and I love it :D

ALSO! I got my assignment for the holmestice summer fic exchange this afternoon, and I could not be happier, man! Seriously, it's like this prompt was made for me. I am over the moon! It's going to be looooooong, I can tell you that, and full of angst and smut. Basically, 100% me in every way :D SO EXCITED.

Game of Thrones soon! And I really hope Hodor is on tonight! What an awesome weekend!!

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