February 5th, 2015

sherlock union jack


T-minus-twenty-six hours and I'll be on my flight to LONDON WHAT THE FUCK!!!

I'm so horribly worried I've forgotten to pack something vital like my passport (in my purse already) or my plug converter (in my carry-on) or my ipod charger (also in my carry-on). Both of my luggage items are way below the weight limit, which is good seeing as last time I was in London (granted I moved there for four months) I'm pretty sure my bag on the way home weighed roughly 150lbs. It was enormous and ridiculous and I am so lucky Molls and I got "randomly selected" to be searched because they didn't actually weigh the luggage. Nor did they find the three bottles of highly illegal absinthe we'd smuggled in from France... but that's another story.

I am coming back with two bottles of paracetamol and at least one box of Lemsip, even if I can't take them right now. Even though I'm not really planning on buying much else, I just have this hunch that I'm going to be carrying back way more than I'm bringing there. Also, Hunter has a tendency to pack heavy, so I'm probably going to have to take some of his stuff, especially since he's planning on smuggling back a really good bottle of scotch from when we're in Edinburgh and that shit is heavy. I'm going to have to fight with the TSA about not going through the full-body x-ray scanner thing because I don't actually look pregnant, just really awkwardly fat, so I have a feeling they're going to challenge me on it because they're all a bunch of dicks. Sigh.

I hate travelling, but LONDON OHEMGEE!!!! I cannot WAIT TO GET THERE!!

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