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Back into the Fray

OK kids, I need a little help. It’s been TEN MONTHS since I’ve written anything due to pregnancy weirdness an general post-pardum exhaustion, but I’m trying to get back into the swing of things before I tackle any of my half-finished works in progress (I’m super rusty).

I need prompts!

Send me ideas! Keep in mind I generally write explicit stories (I want my porn back, damn it!) and I’m almost exclusively a Johnlocker. Give me inspiration! Send me some lovin’! I’m going to try to crank out a few practice stories in the next couple weeks, so keep ‘em coming!

Thank you in advance!

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Holmestice, Part 2

Well, after much deliberation and much self-reflection (and a fair few amount of tears), I have decided not to do Holmestice this round.

I'm hoping everything comes back to some kind of workable normality after the baby is born, because to be quite honest, this fucking sucks. I actually managed to get some kind of writing done two weeks ago, when I was bound and determined to do something about this, but it fizzled and died pretty quickly and there's no telling how shitty the quality was.

I spoke to my doctor, who assured me that it was just hormones and that as soon as I'm healed from delivery, I should get my normal sex drive back, which I believe is my actual problem. I'm also just feeling generally apathetic towards pretty much everything these days, which is also apparently due to pregnancy hormones, so once that's all done with, I should be back to my regularly scheduled smut/angst fest. If I can do more than blearily look up from the baby monitor for more than a few minutes, that is. I don't do very well without sleep, you see, so I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it, but still.

Fingers crossed that this is (like seemingly everything else these days) just a fluke due to baby-related weirdness and that I haven't lost my muse entirely. Good luck to everyone else doing the festival this round! I'm sure I'll enjoy reading them, even if I'm not participating.
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To sign up or not to sign up; that is the question.

Realistically, I haven't written anything (and I mean anything) since the last Holmestice round. I'm honestly assuming it has to do with the person in my abdomen because I also haven't been the slightest bit interested in sex since she was concieved, and for some reason it seems like writing without the drive of smut just doesn't work for me. Surprise, surprise.

So. Do I sign up? I think that if I have a really good prompt, it might jump start my muse again and get me over the hump of this writer's block I seem to be struggling with. That being said, the last round I did was a bit of a difficult hurtle for me since the prompt I was given had no real direction and it ended up just kind of happening by sheer luck.

I've never pulled from a festival before and I have no desire to begin now. I always send my stories in at least a week early. I always feel like I do my best work when I write for this festival. I just have no idea what to expect here.

Advice anyone?
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T-minus-twenty-six hours and I'll be on my flight to LONDON WHAT THE FUCK!!!

I'm so horribly worried I've forgotten to pack something vital like my passport (in my purse already) or my plug converter (in my carry-on) or my ipod charger (also in my carry-on). Both of my luggage items are way below the weight limit, which is good seeing as last time I was in London (granted I moved there for four months) I'm pretty sure my bag on the way home weighed roughly 150lbs. It was enormous and ridiculous and I am so lucky Molls and I got "randomly selected" to be searched because they didn't actually weigh the luggage. Nor did they find the three bottles of highly illegal absinthe we'd smuggled in from France... but that's another story.

I am coming back with two bottles of paracetamol and at least one box of Lemsip, even if I can't take them right now. Even though I'm not really planning on buying much else, I just have this hunch that I'm going to be carrying back way more than I'm bringing there. Also, Hunter has a tendency to pack heavy, so I'm probably going to have to take some of his stuff, especially since he's planning on smuggling back a really good bottle of scotch from when we're in Edinburgh and that shit is heavy. I'm going to have to fight with the TSA about not going through the full-body x-ray scanner thing because I don't actually look pregnant, just really awkwardly fat, so I have a feeling they're going to challenge me on it because they're all a bunch of dicks. Sigh.

I hate travelling, but LONDON OHEMGEE!!!! I cannot WAIT TO GET THERE!!

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An update of sorts

Goodness, it's been a while since I actually made a real life update.

Basically, my life really sucks right now, but here are the good things:

~I got my holmestice assignment done with a week to spare  (FINALLY found some inspiration) and I'm actually pretty happy with it
~I got the second part of my Recovery series (mostly) done, and is in beta right now (because thesmallhobbit is pretty much the best person ever)
~we actually had a pleasent time in Tennessee for Thanksgiving this week and the weather held out for our drive both ways
~new Cabin Pressure in less than a month!

There are a few more good things that I'm not going to get into quite yet, but things are at least moving in the right direction. I'm finding it increasingly difficult to focus on the good in my life versus the incredibly stressful and incredibly shitty, but I'm trying here, man. With Christmas right around the corner, I'm going to work on keeping my cool both at work and with my mostly irritating family, and keep that Februrary trip at the forefront of my brain.

I hope everyone else has been doing well, and that life isn't quite so annoying for the general population.
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Can someone PLEASE give me a prompt for Holmestice!?? My recipient "likes everything" so I'm having EPIC problems trying to get a story to flow. I'll take anything at this point. Just someone give me a direction, please.

This is stressing me out big time. Writing should be fun. It should be something that you feel needs to be said; a story that you want to tell. Instead, this is turning into mass quantities of anxiety and incredible amounts of frustration. I write to escape my stupid, stressful life, not to add to it.

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A Friendly Plea for Help

Sigh. It's come to the point in this fic where I've been staring at it for three bloody weeks now and I'm still getting positively nowhere. The smut is coming out forced, which is not something I've ever had a problem with before. I think it's because I'm still on the fence about this entire effing story, much less the way the sex comes about. It's annoying and I'm nearly ready to give up on the whole thing, except that I think the parts that are written are actually good and I'd like to try to salvage this bit of nonsense that had me so inspired in the first place. This is a plea for help and advice.

Is anyone out there in the Sherlock fandom willing to take a look at this behemoth and tell me where exactly I went so horribly wrong?
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Anyone out there in the Sherlock fandom willing to bounce some ideas with me? I am having the HARDEST time with this one story I'm trying to finish, and it's gotten to the point where I'm feeling utterly lost.